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Bruce at NAMM 2009

Cow Bop Band

Bruce and his Halfling™

A Halfling™ at the Kennedy Center

Bruce Forman

Bruce Forman

Bruce's Custom Halfling™ Guitar

Halfling™ Guitar Player

Bruce Forman

Bruce Forman's guitar style has been an important part of the international jazz scene for more than two decades. He has been featured as leader (as well as sideman) at many of the most prestigious festivals and concert venues throughout the world. His numerous recording and performing credits include Bobby Hutcherson, Ray Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Barney Kessel, Richie Cole, and countless others. Hiss guitar work is featured throughout Clint Eastwood's Academy Award winning film; Million Dollar Baby.

Ever since he first played his Halfling™ Jazz Guitar Mr. Forman has been an amazing artist to work with and we are so pleased to include him in our family.

Mr. Forman's devotion to sharing knowledge, particularly with children, has been a constant throughout his career. Having taught since his late teens, he is keenly aware of the needs of developing musicians and is personally connected to all of his students, many of whom have moved on to successful careers as recording and performing artists. In January 2000, Mr. Forman founded the JazzMasters Workshop, a music-mentoring program that is free to student-age musicians. Beginning in 2001, JazzMasters has operated more than 1,500 workshops throughout the nation. And many of the world's greatest touring and recording artists have had the opportunity to inspire and make a difference in the lives of children in their communities. In June 2003, the Jazz Journalist's Association recognized this work by bestowing an award for 'Service To and Beyond Jazz'.

Since 2004, in support of the workshops, Mr. Forman and his band; Cow Bop, a jazz and western swing band has participated in the 'Route 66 Challenge', securing per-mile pledges for the organization. For more information about the Challenge check out

Mr. Forman's music publications exemplify his passion for music and educating. The Jazz Guitarists Handbook is a critically acclaimed method book that clarifies the concepts of jazz from a performance-based point of view. Jazz Band Guitar is a no-nonsense approach to the big band for guitarists of all levels. His video; Jazz Guitar Soloing encompasses the important musical aspects that make up an expressive and swinging solo.

He has thirteen recordings as leader, the most recent being a self-produced issue entitled Dedication, Bootleg Vol. I, a selection of compositions and arrangements that reveal his personal acknowledgement of many of the musicians and experiences that shaped his music.

For more information check out his website;

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