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Customer Review

Greg C

Owner of a Thinline Halfling Guitar:

To All,

I received the Halfling Thinline yesterday and opened her up after work to play.

What a great guitar!!!! The craftmanship is amazing. I can barely see any checking at the soundhole, probably wouldn't have seen it if I wasn't told.

Love the short scale and thick neck. Sounds good acoustically, but really shined when I plugged her in. Wow! Very full sound and note separation. Smooth sounding tone all the way. I play through a Mesa Electradyne which sounds very warm and has a lot of headroom. Actually put on a strap and played standing jazzy/bluesy stuff - fun fun fun. Even sounded good with some overdrive added.

Overall I love this guitar and will certainly keep it. It still leaves room in my arsenal for a deeper archtop later once my funds are replenished, but I'm not sure now that's what I really want; although I do play acoustic and love the idea of the pin bridge halfling! As I play more, I look to play out more and therefore plugged in/feedback protection will be more important. What's funny is I had been looking for a 335 style guitar the past few years, but none seem to have a warm full sound to them, they were all a little too harsh and thin sounding and/or muddy. I played the Collings I-35, Gib 335, Heritage 535, and anything else I could try. I had basically given up. I thought I must need a deeper body to get a warmer sound with a pickup, but this Halfling destroys that theory.

Well, enough typing, I'm getting off a little early today and I've got some guitar playing to do!!

With sincere thanks to all,

Happy guitar making and guitar playing,

Greg C

Reno, NV